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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

it´s summertime

los alamos-cous cous-otro mundo-ulm-sushi-green tai-indonesian curry-july-personal-tarde para warhols-coco rosie-phoenix-kentucky-happy mondays-black hole sun-chris es muy lindo-pepsi con fernet-hip hopers everywhere-missed data rock-
supersampler´s back!-parque las heras-sun-frapuccino-madame croque-salmon-malba-lomos-1000 chairs-echoes-one hot minute-ultra-coco-vueltas y vueltas-sunday-gibraltar-
daniela-miles-bowie-bob,the times they are a changing-ypf-
feliz cumple taly!!!!!!!!!!
sounds like: you know i´m no good . amy winehouse

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